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Burn4Free DVD Copy - Descarga Burn4Free DVD Copy, versión 9.4

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Burn4Free is colorful but without getting in the way of the job at hand. Its directness is refreshing and it offers two user modes – the expert one for those who know what they’re doing and the easy one for those that don’t! Without even opening the program, you can drag and drop files ready for burning. One of the negative about Burn4Free is that does have adware bundled with it, but does provide an option for installing the program without these unwanted additions – just be sure to check the right boxes during the installation process. While the basics are simple enough for the least experienced user, there are also more advanced preferences for those that want to configure the main functions to suit their specific needs. Burn4Free is also quite smart and suggests the type of disc to be burned based on the files you’ve added to the list. If, for example, you load a WMA into the data window, it will suggest burning either an MP3 data disc or an audio CD. Pretty clever for a piece of freeware! There is also some pretty robust support available, with a handy FAQ page giving solutions to the most common operational and installation problems. Burn4Free also offers advanced features including burning MP3 compilations and dual layer support.


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